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a book by mark f. twight

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NONPROPHET is a practice; these are our efforts.


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We are a product of our environment. It is a universal truth that we have had to learn; again and again. A space has the power to influence, and that influence has the power to change those who allow it but we are not concerned with the actual location, the thing or the entity. We are more intrigued by the action that happens inside of a space—inside a skull, the thinking, the doing, the practice—this is A PRACTICE.

When an environment can foster change we consider it a Site Of Power—a magnet for aptitude, a place to thin the herd. We half-jokingly call what we have here a Sight Of Power: a place where transformation and growth can be witnessed, but that is all it is. It’s a glimpse, a view from afar. This place has no name. Most are not welcome here and those who are welcomed in will one day be asked to leave because this is not a destination, it is simply a means.

What you read here is not advice, it is not a fitness prescription, nor is it a progressive program. It is simply a log of ideas and thoughts that are backed up with the physical expression of those ideas and thoughts. Some of these sessions demonstrate the practical application of our theory, others are purely experimental.

There is nothing special about the equipment we use, or the exercises that are performed—there is no secret. But what does occur here is different, it is the result of a controlled environment, it is an answer to the question “Who cares most?”. It is the extension of our words and beliefs punctuated by black rubber mats and gazes into infinity. It is only possible through deep thought, thinking about thinking, and through doing. This space appears to be built from cinder block and cement but the foundation is not physical, it is forged by relationships and tempered by risk. This space allows us the confidence to push and fail, and consequently, the assurance to continue.