Chris “Burkey” Burkeybyle – owner/operator station515

It is difficult to say what is important or formative; let it suffice to say that I have been driven for most of my conscious life by solving problems. This has manifested itself in many ways from putting on punk shows in basements to building a portfolio of businesses from fashion and industrial design to property management, from studying primitive wilderness survival to running a semi-private strength and conditioning facility outside of Detroit, Michigan. 

This last one may be the most relevant point for our purposes, not because of the physical demands but because the gym can provide an efficient way to orchestrate stress. The Station was founded shortly after I met Mark in 2007, the seed he planted was summed up in my notes as “philosophy with consequences” – the idea to embrace the artificial and controllable nature of a fitness test to practice the Art of Becoming. To make a deliberate practice of being Process Oriented by default. In the intervening years my work has been informed by many individuals and challenges including gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, Sufi literature and cognitive behavioral therapy. Ultimately I am in the communication business. I work primarily as translator and an interpreter. Given an end goal, a “digital” idea: my job here is identifying and orchestrating the analog signals required to bring it to fruition.