Ep. 45 Collaborate (Nicole Morgenthau)

In this episode Mark confesses to Ross, Nicole Morgenthau, and Joe Holmes about having left the rails to make a Zine unrelated to RAZE, which might be viewed as distraction. He insists it is an utterly necessary, and relevant contribution to the flow of energy emanating from NonProphet and the varied projects created within it, “Once it was in my head I had to design it and print it before I could move on to concentrate on other work.” The Zine is titled “Untitled” or maybe “Collaborate” but — as is true with everything — naming it allows it to be pigeonholed, and writes the shorthand that is too easy to misunderstand. It is a collaboration and — as is also true with everything — could not exist without relationships and commitments made by multiple individuals. And they talk about that too.

michael blevins