Ep. 49 Desire and Inadequacy

Mark, Michael, and Kegan talk about the influence that male bodies seen on the big screen has on the self-esteem of young men, or any males who can't help but compare themselves to what they see in a movie. This conversation was based on a BBC Radio interview Mark did on the topic that was cut short before he could broach the idea that, "it is important to feel inadequate as the launchpad to achievement." Instead guys compare their own physical condition to what they see on screen and when they feel inadequate suggest that something be done to keep them from being exposed to such negative feeling. The discussion covers the difference between Process and Consequence, between Doing and Having Done, and how it is imperative to know that we only see the tip of the iceberg. Typically, we observe the physical—the surface—but we should practice seeing deep enough to understand that, "those abs are decoration on the human spirit," and it is the spirit that is most important.

michael blevins