Ep. 52 Kegan Dillon (Head East)

Kegan drove out from Reno or maybe it was Texas to spend a few days with us in February 2018, coincident with a seminar on Endurance taught by Joe Holmes. He was clearly searching for something, the next step, a new direction, and ... aren't we all? We got along well enough to extend a more formal, and permanent invitation. He fit right in with whatever it is we are doing, complementary viewpoint and experiences, we all taught and learned from each other. But as much as we like to predict outcomes we couldn't foresee that Kegan's search would steer him towards family and home, out east. If the most important part of anything is the beginning—which we all handled deftly—the second-most important part is the end, and how we finish something. During the slightly sad yet ultimately positive conversation we work our way through it.

michael blevins