Ep. 25 Jeremy Jones & Josh Vert (Style)

Michael and Mark are joined by Jeremy Jones and Josh Vert to talk about Style, snowboarding, and the influence of surf and skate on snowboard culture. Jeremy recounts where and when he saw an Ollie for the first time and how that incident changed the direction of his life forever, and by extension, the course snowboarding in general. His eloquent description of style and attitude, lifestyle and function, and his advice to, “Customize Everything,” is brilliant. Josh came to snowboarding in the 80s with a style heavily influenced by the Sacramento skateboarding scene. He began competing in Northern California where his personal style and ability were noticed and led to a professional career that was unfortunately cut short by injury. Finally, Twight gets slightly nostalgic for Chamonix in the 80s, the culture of extreme snowboard descents and, of course, the monoski.

michael blevins