Ep. 61 Eric Matthies

Eric Matthies started his film career shooting music videos with the old H-Gun Labs crew, which led to work behind the scenes work in Hollywood, and eventually two sobering documentaries made with Tricia Todd, “Killing the Messenger” (2013), and “End of Truth” (2017), which focus on the topic of journalist safety and the potential consequences of bringing stories back from the harshest of front lines. In this conversation we speak about taking notes, notebooks, and analog metadata, about the difference between what you think you heard, and how what you think you heard made you feel, and the concept of National or Community Service. On a lighter note we discuss Eric's film of a conversation between Glen Friedman and Ian MacKaye ahead of Friedman publishing “My Rules”, as well as an old Nine Inch Nails video that involved the FBI, and finally, the blatant art of giving a fuck.

michael blevins