Ep.62 Calories In, Logic out

We haven't addressed the topic of Nutrition for a while and it seems like the water is as muddy as ever. Michael and Mark discuss a couple of current trends, the phenomenon of "Triggering" and how people will reject the science of a subject if it doesn't jive with their own values or comfort—and expect you to do the same so they don't feel uncomfortable. They spoke about fasting, whether "calories in/ calories out" is real, the natural tendency to lie when self-reporting intake, and how people are mystified when what they think should work doesn't actually work because they are not thinking clearly. Know this: in the West where podcasts are consumed by a mostly white male, middle class audience, more people will die from eating too much than from eating too little and the real eating disorder is over-consumption rather than under-consumption and your fat doctor probably can't give you any advice that will help you, or that you can "hear".

michael blevins