Ep. 80 Start The World

Jack Donovan authored several books on the topic of masculinity, The Way of Men, Becoming a Barbarian, and A Sky Without Eagles. While he speaks and writes eloquently, he also values physical capacity and appearance, and conducts rituals consistent with Germanic Paganism on a plot of land he purchased to create a sacred space. He has been described in the media as a threat to liberal agenda and progressive ideology because he contradicts what is to be an openly gay male living in America, and for associations with the AltRight, and other far right organizations. Jack is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a thinker and a doer. He and Josh Tyler join us in the studio for a wide-ranging conversation about rites pf passage, making one’s point through action, the value of asking more and better questions, and how most who have some power mismanage it. Jack has a quiet demeanor but his philosophy gets summed up nicely when he declares, “Rather than complaining about everything that’s wrong with the world, kind of the theme has been, why don’t you start what you want to the best of your ability?”

michael blevins