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Michael blevins

I am a lifetime student of the human body and—more so—the phenomena of the brain.  I started with physicality by simply noticing the nuance required in performing tricks on a skateboard. I was quickly consumed by the fantastical realm of martial arts, studying in disciplines as far ranging as Tae Kwon Do, Hung Gar, Iaido and Kendo but finally finding a real connection with Muay Thai and now Brazilian Jujitsu. 

Curiosity about my own potential opened me up to GPP and endurance sports. Competing in triathlon and road cycling consumed me and the budding interest of “how can I get better?” quickly replaced my career as a hairdresser, make-up artist, and photographer; becoming a world of “how can I get others better?” using strength and conditioning, nutrition, and exercise psychology.

I’ve competed in hundreds of bike races, dozens of triathlons, International CrossFit style competitions and Olympic style weightlifting events. I’ve helped prepare people for feature films, military selections, and international elite sports. The one thread that binds them is not the muscles, heart or lungs, but the tissue in the skull. The ability to hone this is the feature that I care most about and want to share with my clients.


Man Of Steel: Henry Cavill, Antje Traue, Michael Shannon, and stunt team

300: Rise Of An Empire: Sullivan Stapleton, Rodirigo Santoro, Callan Mulvey, Andrew Pleavin, and the entire stunt crew

Batman V. Superman: Henry Cavill

Justice League: Henry Cavill


Train magazine, Details Magazine, Men's Health (UK/USA), Men's Fitness (UK/USA), and Muscle&Fitness