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REFUGE by Mark F. Twight

With a Foreword by Zack Snyder 

Every climber has to come down. And every climber who has been up on the mountains for long enough wants to get back there because the valley suffocates. The loud voices of its residents urge the climber to stay, to relax, to perhaps become more like them. But he can’t so the climber goes back up, over and over until it’s time to descend once and for all. What then? What in the valley could possibly hold a mountaineer’s attention? What could compare with the experiences, and the relationships born and tested in the high places? The answer is important because if there is nothing satisfying in the valley that climber who came down will not survive. REFUGE is the story of this journey, written in shorthand, as lessons learned, as a photographic record of a difficult transition from high altitude to low, from the harsh and bright and obvious to the gray and hidden and unclear. It is a journey of self-discovery, of softening and ultimately of acceptance, and love.

Mark Twight spent 20-years climbing mountains professionally and another 20 trying to recover from having done so.

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