The “WHY?”

I don’t have a lot of training conversations these days.

Not like I used to.

Because when the questions come in all I want to ask is, “How can you not know?”

Oh, you trusted the wrong person(s), and they led you down the garden path, sold you some shit on the back of their promises and none of it panned out … that’s why you don’t know.

Well, don’t trust me. Question everything. Everyone. Especially in the charlatan-ridden fitness industry. Our motives are suspect.

So be suspicious — of yourself too. Maybe most of all. Examine your intent, your motivation, the “Why?” of it all. Every shiny piece of bait is tempting when you can’t answer, “Why?”

I asked and answered, and asked and answered, over and over until I could answer with action so the question wasn’t needed.

That I did something doesn’t mean you can, and it doesn’t imply benefit to doing “it” even if you could. Just because I prescribed it to someone and that person had a good outcome and you saw it on the big screen or someplace similarly silly doesn’t mean it will work for you.

The work itself doesn’t produce the result you see and seek. What works is behavior modification through activity appropriately applied to an individual whose target is specific and influenced by his or her physical history, psychological history (and current status), and habits, and long-term goals beyond the immediate one, i.e. what happens after what happens next.

But you misunderstand and sometimes I think it is intentional.

So yeah, I don’t have a lot of training conversations these days.